The Art of Looking Back

For the last week or so, I’ve caught myself looking at things that happened in the past with a lot of regret. I see mistakes I’ve made and wonder if I made the best choice in the situation. I’ve been thinking that I might make a different choice knowing what I know now.

I see choices I made that I wish I had done differently, like dropping out of school, or letting negative comments about how hard it is to get published discourage me from my writing. I can’t get to much of my writing any more because it’s on a laptop with a dead battery. I guess that needs to be a priority at some point. Or it might be on a desktop that isn’t functioning right now. At least with that one I can just take out the hard drive and hook it to another computer.

Although I’m regretting some of my choices, I’m not letting the negatives sit rent-free in my head. I just wish I had worked at my writing more instead of letting that part of me sit idle.

On another note, I heard from my oldest yesterday, my Marine (though I’m sure he’d be embarrassed to hear me call him that LOL – yes, he reads my blog), the son who was around when I first started MUDding. He’s going to be deployed in March. I’m scared for him, and I’ll worry the whole time he’s gone. But I’m proud of him too. He saw what he wanted to be, and went after it. Now if only he’d call so I know what I’ll need to keep track of while he’s gone. LOL

Anyway, after the stresses of the last few days, I think I’m headed to bed early tonight. Laterness & g’night.

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