So It Starts

I know it’s been a long time since I posted.  Mostly, I’ve been busy with the second paper route, and I’ve started MUDding.

But I’ve also been trying to deal with the day-to-day stuff at work.  We are still hearing rumors.  You know, we have a job, we don’t have a job, they’re splitting up the department…

Today, the individual members of the AP department met with someone from the new combined company.  I’m not sure who they met with, it may be one of the auditors/evaluators that has been trying to determine the most cost efficient way for the company to proceed.  They were told that their jobs were being eliminated, that at most 1 of the group will continue to have a job in 6 months.  They’ve been told that they can apply for other jobs that come open in the company, but all most to all accounts payable processing will go through Cincinnati.

My reaction to this news was to want to eat.  I want to move near my family, but part of me dreads hearing that my job has been downsized.  Unfortunately, the stress of not knowing at work has me wanting to eat crap that isn’t good for me.

To keep my mind off everything else, I”ll post tomorrow about George.  E got a kick out of hearing that I had been talking about it on my blog.  The information is in the archives for the local newspaper, or at least a good portion of it is.  There are so many other stories out there… like one of the supervisors went to the 3rd floor to get a roll of labels.  When she came back down, everything on the 2nd floor was dark.  She’s become a believer in George instead of making fun of M about her nervousness.

Off to get some sleep for the night…

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