More Confusion at the Job

It’s been an interesting week and it’s only Monday.  It’ll be something to see how this week goes, though I doubt we’ll see the end result until after October 1, if not later.  I’m still not entirely sure what to think about the job situation.  We were told that our department is going to change to the QA side of things since that’s how the other company handles the differences in the departments… they’ve got the regulatory side separated from the plant side of things…

We were told to dress up all week, or at least refrain from wearing tennis shoes/sneakers and dress nicely.

Today, the department head came in to speak with us.  He told us we definitely have a job until the end of the year, but if we were offered a job by one of the companies in town that is growing and doing well, we should take the job.  He said don’t jump at a job flipping burgers at BK, because those types of jobs will always be there, but if we are offered a job at a good company…  He repeated himself several times, which made everyone uncomfortable.  He said he wasn’t trying to convince everyone to jump ship, but we need to think about job stability as well.

Which means, I have a job until the end of the year… and I’m not the only one who got the feeling that he was telling us to start looking for another job.  Pretty much the whole department got that sense.  He also said that some of the computer or network techs are interviewing elsewhere.

The final thing he said left me with something to think about.  He made a comment about starting a business if we end up without a job after it’s done.  He looked at me when he said it, and he even suggested the type of business I’ve been thinking about starting.  I guess that’s just the final indication of what I should be doing.

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