Finding Your Passion

I was reading something from a copywriting course that I signed up for, and it got me thinking.  They suggested that if I want a niche to write or blog about, I should find something that I’m passionate about.  The question remains, what AM I passionate about?  What do I find interesting enough to do the necessary research that I can become an expert?

It’s difficult to imagine that anything would hold my interest like that… but there are a few things.  They’re just not exactly what you’d think about when you ask someone what they’re passionate about. 

For example, fantasy – whether sword and sorcery or alternate universe/timeline type.  Silly, huh?  I have at least 3 fantasy stories floating around in my head, I just need to go through the effort of writing an outline and spend the time getting the stories on paper.  But some days, that effort just seems to be too much.

Another example, graphic design – though it isn’t very obvious with how little any of my site has been redesigned in the last few years.  I love spending time playing with a graphics program to see what I can come up with… but then again, the effort seems to be too much.

When I was designing websites, I loved the back-end programming that was needed for many of the database sites I worked on.  Though I often found the programming frustrating at times, I felt a thrill when I finished the work and got everything working like the customer wanted it.

Even couponing has slowed in the last couple of months.  I still clip the coupons, but they sit in the box, not even sorted in my binder and I don’t use very many.

The question remains why do I let my life slide past as I put off doing things I enjoy?

It’s one thing to procrastinate the things I don’t like doing, but to procrastinate on the things I do like doing?  That’s just silly… or it’s perfectionism rearing its ugly head.  I can’t get it exactly how I want it, whether because I don’t know how I want it, or another reason, and I just put it off… it gives me the perfect excuse on why I haven’t gotten anything published other than the writing I was doing for the SEO company.

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