Not Mother of the Year

Monday night, I turned my back on my 19 month old son for a few minutes (less than 5 minutes tops) and he picked up a tin can from the trash.  He got his finger stuck in between the lid and the side and cut his finger.  I got the bleeding to stop and put a band aid on it. 

Tuesday, I put on liquid skin on his cut because band aids wouldn’t stay on with those curious fingers.  He had gone through four through the day.

Wednesday, the bleeding started again and my husband couldn’t get it to stop, so I brought my son to the hospital… which had me feeling like a bad mom because I started thinking that I should have brought him in on Monday.  Especially since he couldn’t get stitches because it had been 2 days since he was injured.

The PA that looked at the cut said she wouldn’t have brought one of her kids in either, but she sent in an EMT to wrap the finger in a compression bandage.  It’s looking much better, but I keep thinking about how I could have handled it differently.

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