Money and the Environment Redux

I have a couple of tips today.  The first one was one that I got in my email this morning that I hadn’t thought about in awhile.  Ideal Bite sent out an email reminding everyone that you use less printer ink if you set your printing to Draft when the print quality doesn’t matter.  Save paper by using both sides of the paper, and you’re saving money there too.

My tip is to start a ‘victory garden.’   You can do this even if you’re in an apartment.  Buy plants that work well in pots like tomatoes, and water them daily — I’ve tried this and it’s harder than it would seem here in Oklahoma, so I’m working on a way to keep everything watered.  I’ll be sure to share with you when I do.  You can also buy a herb window garden to get fresh basil and thyme for your recipes. Or you can plant the basil with your tomato plants, basil is a natural repellant for the bugs that like tomato plants.  Other plants that work well would include broccoli, and cauliflower.

And if you have a bit too much basil, cut a piece of it and stick it down the garbage disposal, leaving your kitchen smelling like basil instead of whatever it was that last went down the sink.

So this week, don’t let the idiots on Wall Street get you down, do some planning to see what vegetables you can have in your garden.  Since seeds are fairly cheap at the moment, you’ll save money and have help keeping food on the table this summer.

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