Graduation and Summer Vacation

One of the blogs I read quite regularly is GeekMommy at  She’s one of the Walmart 11 moms, and often has give aways posted on her blog.  Today, I found a post stating she and several other bloggers were working in conjunction with Izea to give away a trip to Orlando here: GeekMommy’s Orlando Giveaway (Opens in a new window in IE and a new tab in FireFox).

Part of why I’ve been talking about high school so much the last few weeks is my oldest is a senior in high school.  He graduates this year in May, and is off to Marine boot camp in August.  I promised him I would bring him to Orlando for a graduation present.  Though my sister works for Disney, I’ve never been to SeaWorld and I’m sure my son and I would both love it (yea, I’m putting words into the mouth of a 17 year old, scary).  He and I both love roller coasters, so I’ve entered her contest.  My daughter would love the dolphins and other marine life, and though the baby wouldn’t care either way, it’s not like I don’t have family down there to watch him so I can focus on the oldest 2.


2 Responses to “Graduation and Summer Vacation”

  1. Awesome!! Hoping this ends up being the lucky entry!! I wish I could take everyone to SeaWorld in Orlando – it’s just awesome! 🙂


  2. Shar

    Thanks 🙂 I know I love visiting Orlando, and it’s not just because my sister lives there.

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