Heat Sinks, Server Patches and More Sour Grapes

My laptop has been OOC (out of commission) for several weeks now.  I think it was just before Christmas when the heat sink & fan died.  I bought one off eBay, but the frelling seller sent me something other than I ordered and I can no longer get a response from him… when I got my laptop open, I saw that what I needed matched the picture on the listing, but what I got didn’t match the picture, which seriously annoys me.

I was going to leave a link to a website that I thought was funny, but it’s not pulling up… well, if you wanna see it, check out I found it funny, but it leans toward the left, so if you’re a Republican you may not like it as much.

Speaking of which, I’m getting frelling frustrated (say that 10 times fast) with the intensity from both sides of the democracy debate.  I mean seriously.  No matter what you think or how badly you think Bush did in the last 8 years, there’s no reason for childish namecalling.  And I’m getting sick of seeing people say that Obama is going to ruin the country.  Get over it and grow up.  Stop believing the lies you spew are true.  Both sides need to grow up.  Regardless of who you voted for, we need to be behind our president now so that our country can start recovering.

Speaking of which, I was worried something was going to happen at the inaugeration, and I’m glad to know that I was wrong.  To repeat and expand on the twitter I sent after the swearing in ceremony at 11 am CST, Good luck, President Obama 🙂

Movie night tonight, I have another environmental & money tip for tomorrow.

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