It Makes Me Sick

FDA Draws Fire Over Chemicals in Baby Formula (Opens in a New Window)

This is just scary.  With the problems in China with infants hospitalized because of melamine in baby formula, the FDA said that there was no safe level of Melamine.  That is until they tested the formulas here in the US.  Now, they’re saying it’s safe under 1 ppm. 

 So, they’re allowing us to poison our most precious asset, our helpless, dependent infants.  That’s really comforting, isn’t it?  Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking in saying that stuff is safe with no scientific evidence to support their statements?  I mean they’re doing the same with BPA in bottles… instead the manufacturers have removed BPA from the bottles on their own. 

It’s possible the backlash is going to get the formula manufacturers to pay more attention to their formula.  I would certainly hope so.

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