There is a Santa

Just a few random things tonight.  The day after Christmas… I meant to post a Merry Christmas yesterday, but I was trying to finish a writing assignment a bit early.  Since I couldn’t find any information online, I was getting frustrated.  I have a new article posted at Associated Content.  You can click here (opens […]

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United We Fall

Or maybe not.  So this morning, I sent my 17 year old son for his annual visit to his dad’s in Vermont.  He had 2 layovers, but since he was leaving out of Oklahoma City, it made sense.  Yea, ok.  First, the plane sat at the gate after they boarded everyone.  I couldn’t find anyone […]

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The Spirit of the Season

Ok, so I’ve been annoying my husband and son.  Since I’m not in the mood for Christmas, I’ve been trying to watch Christmas specials to find the Christmas spirit.  They would rather not watch all of the Santa Clause movies… I’m trying to figure out where I can watch the Rankin/Bass movies that we watched […]

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It Makes Me Sick

FDA Draws Fire Over Chemicals in Baby Formula (Opens in a New Window) This is just scary.  With the problems in China with infants hospitalized because of melamine in baby formula, the FDA said that there was no safe level of Melamine.  That is until they tested the formulas here in the US.  Now, they’re saying […]

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