I don’t know why, but a certain member of my husband’s family never ceases to amaze me with her behavior.  Tonight, she wanted my husband to drive her to McDonalds, even though he told her he didn’t have time before he had to leave for work.  She followed him into the bedroom as he was trying to […]

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How Very Interesting

Email from OK Senator Coburn (Opens in a new window) Well, after several weeks, I got an answer from OK Senator Tom Coburn about the bailout bill.  Jim Inhofe, who is the Republican incumbent for the senate has a political ad saying that he voted against the bill (of course the ad is attacking the guy […]

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A Break for Laughter

Because there has been too much focusing lately on the economic problems.  Funny Videos

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Kids and Body Image (Opens in a new window) Research is showing that younger and younger girls are having problems with body image. In the above article, it’s suggested that girls get a poor body image from their mothers.  Women who go on crash diets and focus entirely on losing weight or how fat they think they are, even the innocent or […]

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The CEO Disconnect

I know I said before that the CEO of the company I work for gave a “state of the company” presentation last month or the month before.  He spoke about how our company is not affected by the economic downturn, that the company’s sales are still increasing.  Since we sell to stores like Sonic (and that’s […]

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An Answer of Sorts

Ok, in my post last night, I said that I was curious what other opinions were on the bailout (now being called a rescue by much of mainstream media).  Today, I opened my email to find this link to Dave Ramsey’s website.  Well lol I guess I need to open my email more often, I’ve […]

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Finger Pointing All Around

 A dear friend of mine asked me to post again because he didn’t like the story about breastmilk in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Hehe  So it looks like they may have passed a bailout bill finally.  They only had to work on it for about 1.5 weeks.  That’s not bad for our Congress, where everything has to be […]

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