PETA’s request for Ben & Jerry’s

So, apparently PETA is trying to convince Ben & Jerry’s to make their ice cream out of breast milk.  Umm I just have to say it… eww!

Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding your kids.  The thought of eating something made out of someone else’s breastmilk just does not appeal to me.  I had enough trouble dealing with my own when I was nursing my kids.  Plus, they’d have to have a lot more women pumping breastmilk than they do cows to keep up with the amount of milk they go through.  People just don’t produce the amount of milk that cows do. 

Both La Leche League (the breastfeeding advocacy group) and Ben & Jerry’s are against the suggestion, so I don’t see it happening.  They’d have to label the ice cream as made from breast milk, and I don’t see many people buying it.  Heck, some people have trouble buying mother’s milk soap.

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