Computer Woes

I should learn to back my own information up on my local hard drive at work. It’s not like both my laptop and the network hard drive will crash at the same time. Today I had the joy of trying to redo about a week’s worth of work. I have no clue what happened other […]

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2 Year Old Logic

This morning when I was getting her dressed, my daughter told me “I tinkle in my pull-up.”   Me: “Where are you supposed to go potty?” Her: “In my pull-up.” Me: “No, you’re supposed to go in your big girl potty.  Where are you supposed to go potty?”  Her: “In my pull up” And I wonder […]

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To Sleep, Perchance To Dream…

I promised a dear friend I would try to get to sleep early tonight.  I don’t know what it is, I just can’t relax.  I’m tired, exhausted even.  I really should be asleep.  Instead I’m here with my mind going in circles. I know that some of my posts have seemed truncated lately.  That’s because […]

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Why is it that when my son doesn’t get his own way he just goes in and does what he wants anyway.  He managed to break my cd-r/rw drive.  It makes me mad that he messed with my computer while I was at work today, and he just brushed it off.  He knows what he did, but […]

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Virtual Frustration

I’ll admit, I’ve been a member of eDiets for about 7 years now.  It was doing me some good for awhile, then I had some personal issues.  Lately, I’ve been getting back into it and getting some major use out of the site.  At least until this week.  They updated the site, and now it’s […]

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Lately I’ve been reading several blogs by self-proclaimed geeks.   So how do you decide if you’re a geek?  I’ve always jokingly referred to myself as a computer geek, but if I go by others’ definitions, I’m not a geek because I don’t work with computers or program with vi (or emacs, depending on which school of […]

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Standing Tall

Lately, my heart has been breaking for my niece.  She adores her mom, yet SIL maybe goes to see her for 30 minutes a day and most of that time is spent on the phone with others. Now that I’ve said that, I feel more at peace and better able to move on to more […]

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You Miss A GIANT LIZARD and Fall Flat On Your Face

Ok, so that’s not the whole message you get when you miss an attack when MUDding, but the sentiment is there.  I’ve fallen on my face with trying to do too much, but all it’s done is get me sick.  Maybe I’m just having trouble thinking because I can’t breathe, but I can’t sleep either […]

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Vote Today

So after spending many weeks researching the different candidates to find their stance on issues that I deem important, I find out today that I am unable to vote in Oklahoma’s primary.  Since I registered as an independent, I couldn’t vote.  Talk about frustrating.  I haven’t even checked to see who won the polls because […]

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