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Well, tonight a second person told me they found my blog when looking for the new address for Apoc.

So, for any of you Apoc MUDders out there, yes this is Shar, and the address for ApocFE (Apocalypse Forever) is 4000.  I’d say you know the rest.

See you there 🙂

After several questions below, I asked on Facebook for what the current address is.  Hacket has the old url from Pestilence – 4000.  We also have a Facebook group – Apocalypse V – that a number of people are posting their quests.  Since I don’t have Internet at home at the moment, I have been unable to MUD lately, but I’ve been keeping updated by watching the group there.



5 Responses to “Apoc Address”

  1. shucks, they only newbie banned it before
    i was going to see if eas was still in jail


  2. Shar

    I believe he’s been deleted. At least I don’t remember seeing that name the last time I did a check on who was still in jail.

  3. Riverkid

    That’s how I found you! Too bad it seems the mud is down now. Just about 3 years to late.



  4. Ken Andrews

    Chalk me up for one who found you by searching for Apoc V.

    Unfortunately, as another has said, it seems to be dead.

    What I’m wondering is, are you still in contact with the admin? If so, if he doesn’t want to run it anymore, I’d like to have him contact me about sending me the code for it so that I can possibly put it up and running for anyone who still would be interested in playing on it.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Ken Andrews

    Kennet ap Cymru
    Rider Axeman
    (both from 1996-1997)

  5. Shar

    Ken/Cymru, the MUD is still up at the old apocmud address. I updated the page to the correct address.

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