MUDs and Other Games

Last night I decided to log onto the MUD I used to play.  For those who don’t know, a MUD or a Multi User Dungeon is the precursor to the MMORPG’s that many people play now.  It is a text based role playing game. 

 The MUD I used to play was Apocalypse IV, later to become Apocalypse V.  Now some of the long time players took over for the first game implementor.  They changed the name to Apocalypse Forever or ApocFE for short.

 I was surprised to see an old friend when I logged on.  Seeing him reminded me of how far I’ve come since I first started MUDding so many years ago.  In a way, it made me feel old.  Especially when I remember that my son was only 3 when I started playing.


4 Responses to “MUDs and Other Games”

  1. dave

    ok… so I’m a litte late in catching up here…. Made ya feel old huh? Hopefully in a good kinda way.

  2. Shar

    Yes, in a good kinda way. 🙂

  3. Smash

    I remember when you were a mort 🙂

  4. Shar

    Hehe yea, and I remember when you were a mort. Though I’m not sure which of us went through more names 🙂

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