Who Would You Vote For?

The primaries are coming up for many states, including Oklahoma and Missouri.  Though I had some major reservations about Edwards, I had fewer about him than any of the other democrats that are running.   I feel that Hilary is two-faced.   I don’t feel Obama has enough experience at anything.  He’s only been a senator for […]

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Apoc Address

Well, tonight a second person told me they found my blog when looking for the new address for Apoc. So, for any of you Apoc MUDders out there, yes this is Shar, and the address for ApocFE (Apocalypse Forever) is 4000.  I’d say you know the rest. See you there 🙂 After several questions […]

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MUDs and Other Games

Last night I decided to log onto the MUD I used to play.  For those who don’t know, a MUD or a Multi User Dungeon is the precursor to the MMORPG’s that many people play now.  It is a text based role playing game.   The MUD I used to play was Apocalypse IV, later to become […]

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Parenting and Guilt

Today, I had my niece again. My SIL asked if they could come over and hang out for 45 minutes then her daughter would stay with us until we dropped off my step-son. I said fine. Of course, SIL only stayed for maybe 20 minutes, but that didn’t surprise me. She won’t give her daughter […]

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Happy Birthday, Daddy

I’ve been thinking about my father today. It would have been his 85th birthday. Wow, that just doesn’t seem possible that it has been 4.5 years since he died. Whereever you are, daddy, I love you and miss you.

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Amish Friendship Bread

I used to make candles, but haven’t since I left Branson.  One of my favorite scents was Amish Friendship Bread.  I still have the link to the company who sold the fragrance oil, so when I finally do start melting wax again, I can use that scent. Recently, a co-worker asked me if I wanted […]

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Real Vermonters

I was looking for a picture of the grade school I went to in the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont.  When I’ve been talking to a few people here in Oklahoma, they’ve said they grew up in a small town.  Well, not many towns are smaller than Barton, VT.  According to, the village of Barton has […]

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